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Load Data into QlikView from 31+ datasources

Use 500+ validation and transformation functions

QlikView Connector Datasources

Why ETL-Tools QlikView connector is different?

Because it the only one who can transform and validate the data while loading it into QlikView

There are several several QlikView connectors available to the users. All they do is bring the data into QlikView but they do not do anything with the data. ETL-Tools QlikView Connector can transform and validate Strings, Numbers, Dates, Postcodes, Phone Numbers, Driving Licences and much more. All this can be achieved without writing a single line of code.

QlikView Connector Transforming Data


ETL-Tools QlikView Connector can be run as stand-alone QlikView application, so user can design data transformations and validations and even create QVX files, or it can be run from the QlikView itself when loading the data
The connector is developed for QlikView 10, but also works perfectly with later versions of QlikView.
ETL-Tools QlikView Connector is based on Advanced ETL Processor data transformation engine. The users who are already familiar with Advanced ETL Processor will find it easy to use

Automatic script generation

Once data transformation is designed ETL-Tools QlikView Connector allows the user to create the QlikView load script and it is done with just one mouse click!

Easy development

The data integration process can often seem overwhelming, because of the vast number of large-scale, complex, and costly enterprise integration applications available on the market. QlikView Connector gives our customers data integration capabilities built into a straightforward graphical user interface. At any stage user can press the "Magic Button" and see the result of transformation without actually loading the data.

Chained Transformations

Chained transformations enable you to create complex mappings in which the output of one mapping becomes the input of another. Some complex transformation are very hard to understand, this powerful feature allows you to design and debug complex transformations one small step at the time. Each chained component becomes a modular entity in an interdependent transformation sequence, allowing for conversions to be made on-the-fly.

Complex Data Transformation Example

QlikView can pull the data from almost anything but what if your data looks like this?

Complex text

Or your main data source is Oracle table but you need to validate it against Excel file? ETL-Tools QlikView Connector is a perfect tool for such a complex data

QlikView Connector Screenshots

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ETL-Tools QlikView connector Screenshots ETL-Tools QlikView connector Screenshots ETL-Tools QlikView connector Screenshots ETL-Tools QlikView connector Screenshots
ETL-Tools QlikView connector Screenshots ETL-Tools QlikView connector Screenshots ETL-Tools QlikView connector Screenshots ETL-Tools QlikView connector Screenshots

QlikView Connector requires QlikView version 10 and above

Want to automate transforming or creating QVD files?

Use Advanced ETL Processor

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