QlikView Connector - History Of Changes

+ Improved: Functionality of Running totals transformation function
+ Improved: Open SSL libraries update
+ Improved: Up to 30 percent faster
+ Added : Support for SFTP Private Keys
- Fixed : Issues with QVX Files reading
- Fixed : Issues with assigning default values to lookup
- Fixed : Issues with reading brightpearl data

+ Added : FTP Files list as datasource
+ Added : SQL Lookup Transformation Function
+ Added : Added displayName,distinguisedName,initials,mailNickname,publicDelegates,sAMAccountType,scriptPath,showInAddressBook,sn,pager,extensionAttribute1-extensionAttribute15 fields to ActiveDirectory extract
+ Added : Table generation option to writer grid
+ Added : Option to disable record count
+ Added: Support for JSON as data source and target
+ Improved : Once deleted packages are disabled in the scheduler
+ Improved: Maximum ODBC Connection String is 4K now
+ Improved: Look and feel of object joins
+ Improved: Updated Salesforce API to v38
+ Improved: Query Builder components update
+ Improved: SSL components update
+ Improved : Third party componets update
+ Improved : Table generation
+ Improved: Up to 10 percent performance increase while loading data into date/time fields
+ Improved: Support for JSON as data source
+ Improved : Lookup transformation supports JSON as datas source now
+ Improved : MySQL Error handling
- Fixed : Issues with loading version info
- Fixed : Tableau Datetime fields processing issues
- Fixed : Fixed QVD reading issues
- Fixed : Scrolling issues
- Fixed : Change date dynamic bug
- Fixed : One Row QVD creation bug
- Fixed : Issues with updating data via table browser
- Fixed : Issues with reading data from SalesForce
- Fixed : Fixed issues with reading XML files
- Fixed : BDE Datasource issues
- Fixed : Problems with reading delimited text files when delimiter is more than one character log
- Fixed : Problems with clone row transformation object
- Fixed : Problems with reading data from Salesforce
- Fixed : Problems with refreshing list of Oracle Tables
- Fixed : Problems with AM/PM Date conversion

+ Improved : JDBC Error Messages

+ Third party components update
+ Support for the new functions introduced in the Excel 2016 January Update
+ Improved compatibility with thid party xlsx files
+ Improved compatibility with invalid xls and xlsx files
+ Improved : Excel 2010 equations are now preserved in xlsx
+ Improved : Log and rejected records files are no longer using executable location
+ Improved : JDBC Errors Handling
+ New : Support SSL v2, v3, v1_1 and v1_2 was introduced
+ New : Support for opening xls versions from 2 to 4
+ Improved support for RSS feeds
+ Minor transformation designer improvements
+ Calculation transformation function support Python now
+ Added Write to File transformation function
+ SSL Libraries update
+ SalesForce connection uses TLS 1.1 now
+ Add refresh databases button to source and target connections
+ Added support for Unicode in server, database and table names
+ ODBC error messages support Unicode now
+ Added ability to extract 'List of groups the user(s) belongs to' from Active Directory
+ Added ability to extract 'List of group(s) members' from Active Directory
+ Better support for QVD's Timestamp and Date fields
+ Added Ignore Data Format option to Excel Data reader
+ Added Lookup Replace Transformation function
- Fixed : Problems with reading data from unicode files
- Fixed order of records specific for Excel 2010 to workaround a bug in Excel 2010.
- Some very complex files could raise an error when opened in Excel 2010, even when they were correct by the xlsx spec.
- Fixed : Xlsx files with 0 bytes xml files inside could throw an "Invalid XML file" error.
- Fixed : Data validations entered manually in xls files could fail to work when opened in Excel
- Address issues with Change Date Static,Change Date Dynamic and If WeekDay functions
- Addressed Salesforce data update issues
- Addressed issues with Running Total transformation
- Log Object bugs fixes
- Date fields processing bugs fixes
- Joiner Object bugs fixes
- Addressed DTD is prohibited issues
- Addressed Date validation and conversion problems
- Addressed issues with print preview screen
- Addressed issues flicking
- Addressed issues with loading data from JDBC data sources
- Addressed issues with loading data from Windows Event Log
- Fixed issues with syntax highlighting in Mapping editor
- Addressed issues with clone row object
- Addressed issues with union and sorter objects
- Addressed issues with subtransformation function
- Addressed issues with split function
- Addressed issues with joining empty files

+ Faster QVD files processing
+ Third party components update
+ Reduced memory usage for QVD files processing
- Addressed issues with clone row object

+ Added support for Active Directory as data source
- Addressed issues with filtering data
- Addressed issues with exporting data into excel files

+ Smaller Executable
+ Updated regular expression Engine
+ Added Replace RegX and Split RegX transformation functions
+ Added Field Value transformation function
+ Added UTC To Local Date and Local Date to UTC script functions
+ Added UTC To Local Date and Local Date to UTC transformation functions
+ Added Read File Content Option to Reader
- Addressed issues with File Creation Dates
- Various bugs fixes and improvements

+ Added Save button to Transformer and Validator
+ Added FileLine transformation function
- Addressed issues with Slemma Import
- Various bugs fixes and improvements

+ Added support for Clarion dat files

+ Added support for import from Slemma
+ Excel Import and export from data grids is much faster now
+ Added Encode JSON Object and Decode JSON Object transformation functions
+ Added Encode JSON Array and Decode JSON Array transformation functions
+ Added Encode JSON Pair and Decode JSON Pair transformation functions
+ Added Encode JSON String and Decode JSON String
- Addressed issues with exporting data as excel from data grids
- Addressed issues with deduplicator
- Addressed issues with deleting records

+ Up to 5 times faster data sorting
+ Up to 6 times faster data de-duplication
+ Up to 2 times faster data grouping
+ Up to 3 times faster reading data from QVD files
+ Up to 4 times faster working with text files
+ Up to 4 times faster data extraction from Sql Server
+ Up to 4 times faster data extraction from ODBC sources
- Various bugs fixes and improvements

+ Up to 3 times faster data extraction from Sql Server
+ Up to 3 times faster data extraction from ODBC sources
+ Up to 3 times faster reading data from QVD files
+ Up to 2 times faster data sorting
+ Up to 50 percent faster text files processing
+ Added thousands separator to transformation objects
- Addressed issues with Joiner object
- Various bugs fixes and improvements

+ Up to 7 times faster data sorting
- Addressed issues with salesforce data processing
- Fixed problems with data preview
- Various bug fixes and improvements

+ Added Vertical Grid
+ Third party components update
- Addressed issues with theme management
- Loads recent history of changes by default now
(Full history is to big and slows down the application)
- Addressed issues with metadata object

+ Support for multiple readers
+ Joiner Renamed to Join
+ Splitter Renamed to Split
+ Joiner Object was introduced
+ Skip empty fields option was introduced to Join object
+ Incremental object search was added to package designer
+ Minor interface improvements
+ Writer and Reader description are mandatory now
+ New option to Include reader name into Rejected records file
+ Documentation update
- Addressed issue with sending SMS messages

+ Setup and executable are digitally signed now
+ Added Reset height option
- Minor bugs fixes

+ Up to 10 percent faster
+ Licence Update
+ Documentation Update
- Addressed issues with XML encoding
- Addressed some validator issues

+ Incremental search was added to all grids
+ Export to RTF was introduced
+ Excel export formats improvements
+ Various Interface improvements
+ Documentation update
- Minor bugs fixes
- Spelling corrections

+ Added Is Null or Empty string validation function
+ Added If Null or Empty string transformation function
+ Documentation Update
+ Added Support for Message Queuing (MSMQ)
- Addressed issues with BIGINT fields
- Mapping editor bug fixes
- Addressed CASE transformation issues
- MySQL bugs fixes

- Addressed issues with Get Excel Cell Value transformation function

+ Added URL shortener transformation function
+ Added URL Location transformation function
+ Added IP Location transformation function
+ Added Accumulate Strings transformation function
+ Extended Metadata transformation function functionality
+ Interface improvements
+ Added CASE transformation function
+ Added Delete Leading Characters transformation function
+ Added Delete Trailing Characters transformation function
+ Added support for special characters
+ Extended functionality of Get Excel Cell Value and Get File Context functions
+ Documentation update
- Subtransformation bugs fixes

+ Ability to move objects between different tabs was introduced
+ Added two new transformation functions Get Excel Cell Value and Get File Context
+ Introduced support for salesforce QueryAll interface
+ Excel processing engine update
- Addressed problems with batch import via ODBC
- Addressed issues with Undo Redo buttons
- Addressed excel' files locking problems
- Addressed problems with refreshing logs

+ Support for latest version of Google spreadsheets was intruduced

+ Up to 50 percent faster working with QVD files
+ Renamed Web Service Lookup to HTTP Post
+ Added HTTP Get Transformation function
+ Up to 10 times faster data sorting
- Web Service Lookup issues were addressed
- Addressed DD-MMM-YYYY date format issues
- Addressed issues of loading data from the files with old creation date

- Addressed union object issues
- Addressed some subtransformation issues
- Fixed Copy/Paste problems with Sub Transformation object

- Addressed issues of loading data from Excel files

+ Added option to set defaults
+ Added option to filter target fields
- Addressed issues with day of the week checking

+ Updated regular expression for US SSN
- Addressed issues of loading data from flat files
+ Minor interface fixes
+ Autoformat fixes (Some mappings may need to be updated)
+ When new output field is added field id is assigned automatically
+ Documentation update
- Addressed issues with loading empty Date fields into MS SQL server

+ Support for Zoom in/Out was introduced
+ Target Data tab was introduced to the transformation editor
- Addressed issues of loading data from flat files

+ Version 3 Release
+ Massive performance boost up to 100 percent
+ 500+ transformation/validation functions

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