Learn how to Design Input Forms and Create Reports

Using Active Table Editor

The best way to become acquainted with the new tools, controls and features available in Active Table Editor is to use them. These tutorials walk you through data editing tasks, such as lookup creation, report generation, import and export

Please wqtch the following online tutorials, they will answer most of the questions:


Active Table Editor - Lookup Editor

Lookup Editor


Active Table Editor can edit data in any lookup table or database.

In this tutorial we will be creating customer lookup, designing menu items and working with data grid.
Active Table Editor - Generating Reports

Generating Reports

This toturial describes how to use the Active Table Editor Report generator.

In particular, it covers using query builder for reports creation, report creation wizard and security settings requred to view the reports
Active Table Editor - Exporting and Importing Data

Importing and Exporting Data


Importing data is the process of retrieving data from sources external to Active Table Editor (for example, an Excel file) and inserting it into database tables. Exporting data is the opposite process of extracting data from database tables into some user-specified format. Active Table Editor can export data into csv, html and Excel files and Import it back from Excel files.

Import and export are designed to save user time or can be used to import starting set of data

In this tutorial we will be Exporting and Importing data. We will also review common imports problems.
Advanced ETL Processor - Running Stored Procedures

Running Stored Procedures

In this tutorial we will be Running stored procedures.

Quite often it is necessary to let the user change some parameters and run stored procedure. For example user might want to run some calculations or prepare data for reporting in data-warehouse. This can be done with Active Table Editor in 10 minutes.

Active Table Editor - Secutity Settings

Security Settings


This tutorial describes how to adjust the Active Table Editor security settings

In particular, it covers using designing user menus, creating users and groups, and tweaking user interface
Active Table Editor - Designing Input Forms

Designing Data Input Forms

This tutorial demonstrates designing Data Input Forms and explains how you can edit lookups and slow changing dimensions in any database.

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