DB SOFTWARE LABORATORY LTD incorporated and registered in England and Wales with Companies number 06763280
whose registered office is at The Apex, 2 Sheriffs Orchard, Coventry, UK, CV1 3PP.
VAT No 161002763

Phone: +44 843 886 6102
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Who we are

We came from consultancy background and we know how difficult it is for non-technical staff to work with databases. We design user friendly ETL and Business automation software for small and medium size businesses. Our goal is to make Data transformation affordable to anyone and as easy to use as possible

The problem

Cost of BI is constantly going up and it is not affordable for start-ups, small and even medium size business. It is extremely complex and require highly qualified staff.

Our objective it to design user friendly ETL software, which easy to deploy, can be used without training and works immediately after the installation.
Our ETL software can be used by non-technical staff and there is no need to ask IT department for assistance


With our ETL software any business small and large can automate routine process and concentrate on what is important: growing the business.


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